Meet The Team

Jeff Muncy

Jeff is CFO doer of all overlooked chores. His calm and insightful demeanor is always appreciated when chaos starts to take over.



Casey Muncy

Head Farmer/Manager

After completing formal studies Casey apprenticed at a chocolate agritourism farm in Belize, C.A. Upon returing to the U.S. he then interned for a year at Swallowtail Biodynamics in Gainesville, Florida. In 2014 he layed the groundwork for launching the first season in 2015. 



Uncle Robbie

After retiring a few years ago, Uncle Robbie started spending a few weeks a year on the farm. Every visit he stays a little longer and returns a little sooner. We treasure his stays and it doesn't hurt that he is skilled with a chainsaw, tractor, and even loves doing the dishes?! He has been and continues to be a blessing to the farm and family.

Pam Muncy

Pam (Momma Muncy) is the queen bee of the kitchen and is always ready to add another plate to the dinner table. Preparing meals is only a small part of what happens in a farm kitchen. Besides preservation of fruits and vegetables by canning, freezing, and drying she also processes all the animals we raise. Pam loves market days, and plays an important role in keeping track of harvests on their way from the field to you. 




Farm pick up and visit hours:

Wednesday evenings from 4-6 pm

74 Muncy Ln 

Ashland, Kentucky 41102

Contact us: 606.465.2889

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