Shiitake Mushroom Logs

Every year we get pounds upon pounds of fresh, amazing Shiitake mushrooms straight from our farm. How do we do it? By inoculating logs with mushroom spores, that's how! It's a fun, yet time consuming process that occupies most of our off winter season, but brings great amount of profit and success to our markets and dinners. We first start by falling trees-Oak, Hickory, and Maple-and cutting them into 3'-9" sections. After drilling nearly 40 holes into each of the logs, we then inject the spores, that are packed with sawdust, into the logs. Finally, they are covered with wax and left to sit in a dark, damp place. 6-8 months later, the mushrooms start breaking out from behind the bark, and flushes of Shiitakes pop out of the logs. Shiitakes have a rich, earthy flavor that add a great depth to any broth, soup, gravy or just on their own sauteed. You will find these mushrooms for sale at the farmers market.  


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