Our story began 17 years ago when my parents, an accountant and a dedicated homemaker, bought a house with land and stream to raise their childen on. After being away and fine-tuning my craft in farming, I returned in 2014 with the idea of creating a more sustainable living environment for my family and community. With my familys support, we took on the responsibility of cultivating the land and reshaping it into what it is today, Mulberry Family Farming. Since day one, we have grown everything with a dedication to leaving the land better for the next generation, growing chemical free vegetables, mushrooms and fruit, raising our own meat and having a mission to educate our community on how to eat a more healthy, sustainable, and local diet. We are located just outside of Ashland, Kentucky in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Although only a very small portion of the land is flat and used for vegetable producion, we still consider the hills of the forest a part of the working farm and continuously are learning new ways to sustain ourselves and community from these wonderful woods. This is our farm: It's hard work that calls for getting your hands dirty and your shoulders sunburned. It's a want and need to get our community on board with the idea that knowing where your food comes from, and obtaining it locally, is essential to a healthy, flurishing life. It's loving these tiny plants and nurishing them from beginning to end, directly to you and your family. We love what we do, and hope that with all of our efforts, you too will grow to love your food.


- Casey Muncy, Farm manager 



Farm pick up and visit hours:

Wednesday evenings from 4-6 pm

74 Muncy Ln 

Ashland, Kentucky 41102

Contact us: 606.465.2889

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