Farm to Table Details

Where do the Farm to Table events take place?

All of our events are located right where they should be-on our farm! By attending a Farm to Table, you get to see first hand where the produce we grow comes from. 


74 Muncy Lane

Ashland, Ky.


So who's invited?

Anyone is welcome to join, but reservations for the evening are required! We offer ~50 tickets on a first-come, first-serve basis. Tables seat 6 people comfortably, and reserving tables to have families/friends sit together is an option.

What should I expect?

Expect all things delicious and beautiful! From the nice evening sun under our over-sized white tents, to the best food you can get in the area. Tickets include an educational tour of the farm, a four course dinner that features produce and meat products that come from our farm, prepared by Chef Paul Runnels of the late Chimney Corner Cafe. A local musician is hired to be the entertainment for the evening. Artisan products are locally sourced as well, and are included with the ticket prices. 

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Mulberry Family Farming strives to provide the best locally grown vegetables, mushrooms, and memorable experiences we can for you, so why not do one of the things we do best- Invite you over for dinner! A fun, informative, and delicious event that is shared with the great company of our community. You can't go wrong here, folks!


Although there are four gatherings intertwined with our busy farming season, June-September, we want you to get the best of what we have to offer at all times. We put a lot of time, effort, and thought into putting these events together so that we can beautifully showcase our farm, local chefs, musicians, and artisans.


Let's get down to the details...











Sasha Colette, a local from Olive Hill, Kentucky, sings as the entertainment during a 2015 dinner event.

How do I buy tickets?

To buy tickets you can click on the *link Farm to Table Tickets" in the drop down menu under the Farm to Table tab on this website. Tickets are $50 per guest. 


*We will take payment in check or cash form as well, but no later than a week before the dinner date.



Farm pick up and visit hours:

Wednesday evenings from 4-6 pm

74 Muncy Ln 

Ashland, Kentucky 41102

Contact us: 606.465.2889

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